About Ellen



A 27 year resident of Palm Beach Gardens and mother to her three children and four grandchildren, Ellen further considers herself a guardian to the thousands of District 85 students she has been privileged to teach at Dwyer High, Western Pines Middle, and H.L. Watkins Middle.

Ellen is an advocate for:

Public schools offering adequate pay, thus attracting the quality teachers who will educate our children such that they will provide local businesses with qualified workers to grow the local economy.

Restoring home rule so local jurisdictions, each endowed with its own distinct character, may choose to adopt a locally higher minimum wage, environmental protections tailored to local concerns, and gun laws best suited to each community above a statewide baseline. Return to home rule will alleviate toxic political polarization by preventing either party from imposing controversial policies on the other half of Floridians who disagree.

A higher standard of living, driven by affordable healthcare & housing, with focus on measurers to improve access to mental health care and reducing homelessness and drug addiction.

Environmental conservation informed by sound agricultural and water use practices, and appropriately funded by the monies overwhelmingly approved by the voters through the 2014 Florida Water and Land Conservation Initiative, but mismanaged by the legislature since passage.

At heart, Ellen wishes to represent all our common desires to make western and northern Palm Beach County a place we're all proud to call home: Safe, Vibrant and Thriving!